venerdì 3 marzo 2017

STYLEWE " white - blue - jumpsuit "

(Photos 1 & 2 ) 
WHITE is a very cool color and any season is proposed in an ever new and original ... the clothes in white can be romantic and vaporous, or adherents and sensual, but it will make you feel always a princess.
 If the little black dress seems too staid choose the opposite trend, little white dress, that's why must never miss the white in our wardrobe,
 and then it expresses such an elegant taste, noble and sensual.

( Photos 3 )
With BLUE clothes we can say goodbye to doubt whether it is a gala dinner or a simple meeting between friends, they are perfect.
A hue determined and full of character, casual and refined as the occasion.
Perfect for the day, but also for the evening the blue clothes are combined with a rich variety of nuances and bring in your wardrobe a touch of unmistakable sophistication.

( Photos 4 )
 It must be said that the suit has come a long way. Today, in fact, it is no longer just considered clothing from sports or work, but it is also the protagonist of the most scintillating fashion shows around the world.
 The women JUMPSUIT coveralls for a ceremony are a great alternative to the classic elegant suit, are refined from special cuts and above all comfortable .... combined with a high heel they are perfect.

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