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How to Pick a Drum Practice Pad

How to Pick a Drum Practice Pad

There’s a saying that “Slow progressive is better than no progress”.

We can exercise this analogy to establish your journey to being a professional drummer.

No matter whether you are a new drummer or an experienced one, you will of course find
it quite confusing to choose the right drum equipment. However, if you like to know more about
the drum accessories, especially drum-pads, then please go through the following content.

Choosing from the best drum practice pads can be a daunting task especially if you are new in
the musical instruments’ market. This is because of the bewildering array of practice pad models
differing in design, build quality, shape, performance, and price. To make you work easier, we have
compiled a descriptive list of tips on picking a good drum practice pad 2018.

  • Responsiveness

One of the most important consideration while picking a practice pad is that as practice pads
serves one and only singular purpose, and that is train technique. And, for that reason, you want
a pad that responds as authentically to your strokes as possible.

And, if you practice on a surface that springs more forcefully than the drums you actually play,
you’ll strain your muscles. Thus, responsiveness of a drum is an essential factor to consider while
choosing practice pads.

  • Design

Based on design, you can choose from three different categories depending on their shape:
Pads on stand, Pads only and, Others

Research shows that individuals love the drum practice pads that features stands.
This is purely because one can play them while sitting and allowing their feet the freedom to move.

Whereas the other designs (pads only and others) may be great alternative but they do not allow
you to practice with both your hands and feet.

  • Size

Size is considered to be essential, but there are no “one fits all” solution in case practice pads.
As, larger pads are excellent for giving you more room to practice, but some people need the
portability of smaller pads.

And, as 12-inch pads as the optimal size, they provide enough space and freedom of movement
while you play practice pads. So, in order to ultimately get the size that suits you best, try to take
preference of 12-inch pads

  • Utility

Another important factor is the function by which we measure pads is utility. In general, the
utility of a pad refers to how easily and effectively you can treat it like an actual drum. So, before
you pick a practice pad, make sure you check its utility.

  • Types of Pads

For the most part, drum pads come in two types:
  1. Rubber pads

  1. Headed pads

While the rubber type originally came without rims, they’ve come a long way over the years.

The essential difference of opinion between the two is that headed pads hold tension lugs or screws
that reflects those of an actual drum, and they use synthetic surfaces that are really flexible over a

Both types of pads are good for practice, but the rubber types are better as their responsiveness is
sharper, making for better practice.

Second, they last longer and don’t require upkeep while headed pads lose tension over time.

Finally, the rubber pads, on average, are much quieter as they produce a muted sound that is just
easier on the ears over the course of a long practice session.

  • Your Individual Needs

Depending on your level of training, you can choose between a standard drum practice pad and
electric practice pad. Both of these models can deliver professional performance depending on
the particular brand you buy. In most cases, a standard practice pad is suited for practicing only.
The electric version, on the other hand, is ideal both for practice and for adding value to your live
sound. The latter also have additional built-in features that give them an edge over the simple mesh
or rubber practice pads.


In case you have been looking for a drum practice pad then you can use the tips to guide you in
making your choice. Go for a reputable brand that has the best features and specifications yet still

martedì 13 febbraio 2018



For all those couples who are trying to conceive, the most critical time is around the period two dates.
The reason behind is the most significant symptom of pregnancy.

But, do not you think it can be tough to wait for this long? Definitely, it is.
Especially for women, they simply become too anxious till the time their pregnancy started to
show on the strip test.

Before this time, they will remain curious to know the result. We understand your problem.
6 early pregnancy symptoms. Few days before the MOST SIGNIFICANT SYMPTOM appears.

Fatigue or tiredness
It is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms that can make you aware of the time.
You start feeling tired all the time and get exhausted soon.
Previously, those tasks that you used to perform easily would even make you tired.
Eventually, you will start feeling the need to go to your bed.

The possible reason behind this fatigue is mainly your body is preparing for the changes.
Moreover, elevated progesterone levels can also play their part in making you feel this way.

Do not forget this symptom is not going to leave you. So be prepared!

Food Aversions
Did you use to love one type of food? But now you have started hating it.
Do not worry it could be another early pregnancy symptom.
Many pregnant ladies start experiencing this sign many days before their two dates.

The possibility of this problem could be the higher hormones level or other body changes linked
with pregnancy.

Not only can you start disliking your favorite food.
But also you might start craving for the eatables you once hated the most.
These cravings can be greatly weird and vary from one person to another.

It is another early and most annoying pregnancy symptom that any women can experience.
It does not happen to everyone. However, the ratio of women who experience it is one of the
earliest symptoms is fairly high.

Your changing hormones are again responsible for this symptom.
Cause it is one of the significant pregnancy symptoms, there could be many other causes that
cause nausea.

Implantation Bleeding
It is one of the most confusing early pregnancy symptoms.
The small amount of bleeding or spotting is generally known as implantation bleeding.
It could occur ten to fourteen days after fertilization.

This symptom can appear when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus lining.
This bleeding can continue for a few days, or even it can end up within a day.

It is another possible early pregnancy symptom.
It can start occurring a week or so before the two dates.
Mostly it is also misunderstood as normal PMS symptom.
But, actually, it could probably be a sign of the great news.

Raised body temperature
It is that early pregnancy symptom that is hardly noticed by anyone.
Usually, around ovulation days your body temperatures slightly increase.
If you are keeping a track of these changes throughout the month, then you would be able to identify the symptom.

On conceiving, this temperature increases for a period of more than two weeks.
From this change, you can get a clue of your pregnancy.


All above-mentioned symptoms can assist you in identifying the possibility of pregnancy.
However, these could not be the case with everyone.
Some pregnancies are completely free of all types of early symptoms.
If you are experiencing one of those symptoms, then, it's better to wait for more news.

lunedì 2 ottobre 2017


Il tempo vola... il tempo è la cosa più preziosa che un uomo possa spendere...
non bisogna sprecarlo "Mai" !
 Oggi voglio parlarvi del dispositivo che tiene il tempo, mostra ora, minuti, secondi, un accessorio di gran classe che non deve mancare soprattutto al polso di un uomo...
l'orologio... in particolare JORD

 Jord è un brand americano, un insieme di artisti e design che sperimentano ogni giorno nuove creazioni alla ricerca di uno stile sempre più moderno.
Dalle foto si vede benissimo e la qualità artigianale, un orologio 100% in legno naturale come acacia, bambù, ebano, ecc...

Quello che ho scelto io è il CORA Zebrawood & Rosè una tonalità di rosa fresca ma vivace, e con dettagli oro/zebrato che da tocco selvaggio alla naturalezza dell'orologio.
Ma non è tutto ragazzi c'è una piccola sorpresa per voi....

Come partecipare...? è facilissimo, basta compilare questo piccolissimo modulo " qui " ogni persona che partecipa avrà la possibilità di vincere una carta regalo da 100 $ da spendere sullo shop online, e chi non vincerà ma ha comunque preso parte al contest riceverà lo stesso una sconto da 25 $ da poter spendere sul loro shop alla fine del contest. Fantastico non trovate...??
Vi lascio il link per dare uno sguardo alla bellissima collezione  JORD - UOMO
e alla collezione  JORD - DONNA

Non vorreste mica perdere l'occasione di vincere la vostra carta regalo..? su ragazzi ci vogliono davvero pochi secondi per compilare il modulo del GIVEAWAY e ricevi la vostra Gift Card 

sabato 12 agosto 2017

Flamingo Mood

Non si è mai troppo grandi per essere affascinati dai fenicotteri rosa e penso che quest'anno non sono la sola.... il mood quest' estate 2017 è proprio il Flamingo 😍
Sono estremamente belli da vedere, divertenti, super eleganti e tutti rosa cosi da mettere subito tanta allegria, beh anche io mi sono fatta affascinare!
Su internet o delle vetrine nei negozi ce ne sono davvero a migliaia di decorazioni con il Flamingo mood, da tazze a cover, borse, occhiali ed abbigliamento... ma quello che non avevo ancora visto è proprio questo telo.. che dire me ne sono subito innamorata e senza esitazioni pensai "e mio"
Pensato, detto, fatto😍❤
Ovviamente potete trovarlo qui ➡️➡️➡️  ZAFUL 

mercoledì 2 agosto 2017

Romantic FLORAL DRESS - Chicuu

Benvenuto Agosto 🌞🌞🌞 
Eh si ragazzi siamo ormai in piena estate... sentite il gran caldo ?
Ormai chi mi segue da un po' sa che in inverno sono più da giacca di pelle, total black, stampe leopardo e borchie... ma in estate???
Il bello di questa stagione è proprio questo, dire basta a colori scuri ed outfit strong 
 gli ABITI FLOREALI stanno decisamente dominando la moda estate 2017 ed anche io appena ho notato questo meraviglioso abito CHICUU non potevo farmi scappare la chicca del momento hahahh 

Disegni o applicazioni floreali sono la tendenza di questa estate, invadono le passerelle affascinando con tutta la loro carica romantica... che siano rose, margherite, papaveri o girasoli l'importante è che siano colorati e allegri, dalle linee morbide e tagli mossi 😍😍
Penso che niente fa più estate di fiori ricamati o stampati sugli abiti... siete d'accordo..? 

Vi consiglio assolutamente di fare un salto sul loro Shop Online >>> CHICUU <<< solo per voi con il mio codice coupon HRSY20 avrete il 20% di sconto su qualsiasi acquisto 

Ora vi lascio guardare questi scatti... ci aggiorniamo come sempre sul mio profilo IG 😉
 un bacio💋

  ☟  ☟   ☟  

venerdì 28 luglio 2017

A SHOOTING DAY with outfit_our

Hey ragazzi 💖 su mio profilo instagram @martina_caruso_style stiamo crescendo di giorno in giorno... oggi siamo in 40 MILA 💖
Alla fine della pagina troverete un piccolo video per voi, per ringraziarvi tutti di vero cuore!
( il video o potete trovare anche sul mio canale YouTube

Un grazie speciale va al team di @Outfit_our per aver realizzato per me questo video!
Durante le riprese abbiamo colto occasione per fare anche qualche scatto e ovviamente non potevo non farveli vedere con lo spettacolare panorama della mia bella Napoli

Spero vi piace quello che io e il team abbiamo realizzato in questa giornata di lavoro, ma anche passione e tanto divertimento. Un abbraccio 

EARRING: @happinessbtq

Cover: @gmyle_us

 Glasses : @sojosvision

 Location: 13 Discese di Posillipo

  ☟  ☟   ☟  

domenica 2 luglio 2017

Floral Bikini & Kimono

Buona Domenica ragazzi 💖
i mesi più caldi dell'anno sono arrivati...
e anche per quest'estate le combinazioni fantasiose floreali si riconfermano sempre di più.
Stampe ispirate a fiori coloratissimi, giardini e i boschi incantati... design e colori che emanano leggerezza e un senso di freschezza, sui toni dell'azzurro, giallo, rosa, arancio, blu e verde rendendo l'intero outfit da spiaggia solare e anche un po' bohemienne 🌺🌻🌼🌸 
Ed infine c'è lui il capo d'abbigliamento più famoso delle ultime collezioni... il Kimono, veste da camera giapponese, pieno di originalità e tradizione, io sono letteralmente affascinata da questo capo!

Potete trovare questo meraviglioso costume floreale qui--->>> SAMMYDRESS

Back Lace Up Bandeau Floral Bikini Set - Black - S

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