lunedì 10 aprile 2017

Check Pregnancy

Good morning guys and good week!
Today I want pararvi a topic that is a priority topic in the world ...
The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in women is critical even when they are well. In particular, women's health needs to be more controlled in a time of joyful expectation ...
This is a special time of life but can be accompanied by a little 'fear, anxiety and sense of responsibility...
we see now how to take care of ourselves during this time of life.
In the first place it is not true that a pregnancy should eat for two, on the contrary excessive weight gain can be a problem for both women and the child, so it is wise to pay attention to good nutrition, following a daily diet, drinking plenty of water and varying foods as much as possible, avoid coffee, alcohol, sugar and fat.
During the fateful nine months deserves special attention skin care... especially on the face, Panci at hips and breasts... to prevent There are many on the market specific products, but a natural remedy that I can recommend, and the 'sweet almond oil very effectively and naturally.
I hope you enjoyed reading something different from the usual ... now you comments, kisses

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  1. This is really a special time of life!Thank you for your post!!

  2. The most precious time of life dear! Very important to take extra care! Big love