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For all those couples who are trying to conceive, the most critical time is around the period two dates.
The reason behind is the most significant symptom of pregnancy.

But, do not you think it can be tough to wait for this long? Definitely, it is.
Especially for women, they simply become too anxious till the time their pregnancy started to
show on the strip test.

Before this time, they will remain curious to know the result. We understand your problem.
6 early pregnancy symptoms. Few days before the MOST SIGNIFICANT SYMPTOM appears.

Fatigue or tiredness
It is one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms that can make you aware of the time.
You start feeling tired all the time and get exhausted soon.
Previously, those tasks that you used to perform easily would even make you tired.
Eventually, you will start feeling the need to go to your bed.

The possible reason behind this fatigue is mainly your body is preparing for the changes.
Moreover, elevated progesterone levels can also play their part in making you feel this way.

Do not forget this symptom is not going to leave you. So be prepared!

Food Aversions
Did you use to love one type of food? But now you have started hating it.
Do not worry it could be another early pregnancy symptom.
Many pregnant ladies start experiencing this sign many days before their two dates.

The possibility of this problem could be the higher hormones level or other body changes linked
with pregnancy.

Not only can you start disliking your favorite food.
But also you might start craving for the eatables you once hated the most.
These cravings can be greatly weird and vary from one person to another.

It is another early and most annoying pregnancy symptom that any women can experience.
It does not happen to everyone. However, the ratio of women who experience it is one of the
earliest symptoms is fairly high.

Your changing hormones are again responsible for this symptom.
Cause it is one of the significant pregnancy symptoms, there could be many other causes that
cause nausea.

Implantation Bleeding
It is one of the most confusing early pregnancy symptoms.
The small amount of bleeding or spotting is generally known as implantation bleeding.
It could occur ten to fourteen days after fertilization.

This symptom can appear when the fertilized egg gets attached to the uterus lining.
This bleeding can continue for a few days, or even it can end up within a day.

It is another possible early pregnancy symptom.
It can start occurring a week or so before the two dates.
Mostly it is also misunderstood as normal PMS symptom.
But, actually, it could probably be a sign of the great news.

Raised body temperature
It is that early pregnancy symptom that is hardly noticed by anyone.
Usually, around ovulation days your body temperatures slightly increase.
If you are keeping a track of these changes throughout the month, then you would be able to identify the symptom.

On conceiving, this temperature increases for a period of more than two weeks.
From this change, you can get a clue of your pregnancy.


All above-mentioned symptoms can assist you in identifying the possibility of pregnancy.
However, these could not be the case with everyone.
Some pregnancies are completely free of all types of early symptoms.
If you are experiencing one of those symptoms, then, it's better to wait for more news.

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